Day 1 of the 30 day blog challenge!

Day 1 – Your Blog’s Name

How did I come up with my blog name? Well really, WHIMSY AND WHISKERS just struck me in the middle of the night (sorry, no big wild story!), but really sums up me and my life up perfectly!

Whimsy – If there is one word to describe me… it would be WHIMSICAL! I love the sound of the word and what it entails. It’s fanciful, colourful, playful, unusual, silly, just fun! I’ve never fit “in the box” and I’m pretty okay with that!

It’s hard to lose me in a crowd 😉


Whiskers – Well this one is OBVIOUS! I LOVE CATS. I was able to adopt my first cat this past spring (as a child my dad was allergic so despite my constant begging, I wasn’t allowed to have my own – but that didn’t stop me from cuddling every single cat I could find!) and she has become my very best friend since. Yes, I’m a proud crazy cat lady.

So to sum up, WAW (wow!) is a blog that is all about me, my cat, and our adventures.

Yes, we’re a definite kooky pair!

Tah dah! Day 1 DONE!

(I’m having trouble with uploading pictures onto my blog right now 🙁 so sorry for the boring text post!! Working on solving this silly thing.) Edit: SOLVED!

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