Day 15 of the 30 day blog challenge!

Day 15 – Where Will You Be In 5 Years!

Colourful birthday candles!

I constantly live in the daydreamy land of my head and the future is a subject that I cheerily think about very frequently!! In 5 years, I’ll be….. 34! Ahh! But hopefully still looking and feeling young. 😀

I hope I’ll be surrounded by furry friends! I hope to adopt a few more kitties in the next couple of years and give them the happiest home possible!

I’ll be covered in colour, yarn, and glue!! I really hope to be creating, having fun, and making money doing it.

I’ll be HAPPIER than ever and still dancing around my little pink house while cookies bake in the oven! Hopefully I can work through the things that scare me. Perhaps with an equally kooky guy by my side (who knows! there’s a pot for every lid I hear! ;)), but if not that’s okay.

5 years goes by SO FAST, and it should be fun!

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