Day 29 of the 30 day blog challenge!

Day 29 – A Confession

Yesterday was a bit of a crazy day for me!! I ended up catching the earlier bus to work and I was pretty excited that I was starting off the work year off so motivated… and then… my bus got in a crash! Nothing bad and I’m completely okay – as was everyone on the bus and the driver of the other car. I was extra awake after that and even walked the rest of the way to work (bonus fitness!)!

Also my parents are also in town for a few days so I was hanging out with them in the evening – hurray for yummy parent cooked meals! Although finding time to fit in my craft a day is going to be a bit more of a challenge than I thought. I was up past my bedtime last night hardcore glue-gunning pompoms to barrettes, but I’m really determined and loving it! Never felt so relaxed!

Second to last day of the 30 day blog challenge today – A CONFESSION!!! This was the day I was most dreading writing about, because what in the world can I possibly confess?!?! Something deep and dark and mysterious about myself?! Well there’s not much of that!! My whole blog has really been a confession so far!

I guess I could confess that I REALLY embrace being a bit of a weirdo! I really tried for a looong time to fit in with people and just wanted to be invisible, and it felt so dishonest and draining. It took me a long time to get to this place. So I’m very happy now living my bright pink, twirly, ruffly, oh so silly, cat hair covered life and I’m so excited about being like this when I’m 85! Be yourself, it’s the most fun! 😀

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