Run away with me!

You would never be able to tell one of my favourite hobbies from looking at me: I love to run!

A couple of years ago I couldn’t even watch people on tv running without getting out of breath! Sweating, blisters, sore muscles, everybody dressing fluorescent head-to-toe?!?! Then one day I had the sporadic urge to jump into a pair of runners and run down the street. Suddenly then there I was, outdoors feeling the wind in my hair for hours at a time and… I adored it (that first run, wow it was tough though! Phew!)

Suffice to say I started long distance running and I don’t think anyone would guess it looking at me in my poofy dresses and bows! But a pair of runners, those weird bright outfits that look like they never got over the 80s, and running in -40 celsius at 6 am is my secret happy little world.

Running fashion is my favourite. Marathon day is like a sea of the most happy colourful people you’ll ever see.

Don’t get me wrong, this didn’t happen overnight. Before I started running, I spent years walking outside for hours every single day and taking the stairs at work. There’s no better way to clear a fuzzy brain than a bit of leg stretching!

Last year I finally fully trained and ran my first half marathon (13 miles in 2:01), and will soon do it all again. And I just registered for my eek… first full marathon (26 miles!), which will be in June.

Running is a weird thing to love in a way because there is definitely a lot of pain (and potential for injury, lost toenails, and other unpleasant things), a lot of time spent completely alone blocking out the world, and it’s rather expensive (you need good quality equipment and entry fees). However, the reward is immense: good physical and mental health, hanging out in nature, and meeting such supportive people! No matter what your skill level, other runners (even the elite ones!) will be happy to throw you a wave!

So in two weeks, I’ll be paying a good amount of money for the honour of running down the road as quickly as I can for a medal and a delicious plate of luke-warm pancakes~ and will love every single minute of it!

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