Goodbye August! Let’s sum(mer) it all up!

Oh my!! How in the world is it the end of August? I haven’t spent much time on the computer at all this summer and I feel a bit bad for my poor little neglected blog. 🙁 Thought I’d do a little catch up post to show you where I’m at!

I’ve spent most of my summer outside running! I thought I was going to be running occasionally to keep fit etc after doing the full marathon back in June but instead I’m running more than ever – sometimes 8+ hours a week which is the majority of my free time! Right now I’m training for a half marathon race at the end of October, and then I’ll take a bit of a break for winter. My online presence is almost non-existent at the moment (eek!) to the point of worrying my internet friends, in which I’m so sorry! (but so sweet to know people have thought of me!) So a goal of mine going forward is try to maintain a better balance because a social connection is also something important.

On the bright side, with all that running I get to eat far more than ever so I’ve been baking a ton and have an ever growing list of recipes to get to! 😀

I am really finding myself missing crafting lately! I got off to such a great start this year ~ that was the point of this blog after all ~ and then just faded. I feel like I’m constantly rushed and just can’t relax enough to sit down and calmly create something. I’m excited for the snow to fall again (shh!) so I get to be all bundled up with knitting needles in hand for hours on end!

So hang just a little bit tighter, I have tons of whimsical fun things to create and share with you all! xoxo

Sugar hopes you have a great rest of the summer as well (and asks if you could perhaps cut her a slice of watermelon?!)

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