I Won NaNoWriMo!!


Yep, that’s another November come and gone! 50,000 words later (50,017 to be exact), I am sitting at my desk with a giddy look on my face. The last time I won NaNoWriMo was 2012 when I was taking a couple of courses in university and still had a lot of free time. I honestly didn’t think that it would ever happen again!

The solution this year was having a solid idea as a foundation and intricately plotting out each point. I really fell in love with my characters and for the first time I created individuals who I truly could imagine and care about. The next step with this novel will be to actually edit this jumble of words (I’m terrified of what has spilled out of my brain…) but that’s a problem for later. I really hope to edit this story, and one day if I ever get the nerves – perhaps try and publish it (shh!).

As for what else has been going on this past November – I started getting up at *deep breath* 3 am for most of the past month, as the morning was the only time I really had the time and energy to write. So I’m excited to finally get a good nights’ sleep again. And honestly, getting back to other hobbies will be fun as well! I’ve really wanted to do some baking, so I think I will celebrate with a big batch of Christmas cookies this afternoon!!

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