25 Days of Christmas Baking: Day 12 – Healthy

Yesterday was my work Christmas party, so it was the first day in weeks that I hadn’t been able to bake a single thing! That was tough! But instead I got to schmooze with coworkers and talked about my baking, so I guess that almost made up for it!! Was so happy to be back at the counter today though – and Sugar was thrilled for more crumbs to steal off the counter. ^_^

Speaking of non-stop baking, Christmas time is pretty much the exact opposite of healthy – that’s just an unwritten rule! So after nearly two weeks of endless sugary treat making, I thought I’d challenge myself today to try and make one slightly healthier bake to somewhat rest my sweet teeth!

Jam thumbprint cookies are gorgeous little bites of shortbread cookie plus the real fruit of jam. They’re buttery and refreshing but not so ridiculously sugary that you’ll be running around in circles. I used this recipe for Easy Jam Thumbprint Cookies from Delish.

You can pick whatever kind of jam you want, but I used raspberry (yum!) and my Dad really loves orange marmalade so I gave that a go. I think they look very colourful and festive!

Happy weekend everyone! Hope you all have sweet dreams! xox

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