25 Days of Christmas Baking: Day 17 – Sticky!

I remember being a kid at my Grandma’s house at Christmas and eating so many ooey gooey toffees and caramels that made my teeth stick together and left my insides all warm and happy! Tooth pulling sweets are *definitely* a Christmastime only kind of treat ~ that’s why they’re so special.

But finding a “sticky” recipe for today’s challenge had me… well quite stuck! Sticky toffee pudding and cinnamon rolls are mega yummy, but I needed something that I could eat a bit of and then throw into the freezer until I can give away!

And then I saw them! A cookie stuffed with melty caramel chunks, peanut butter AND chocolate?! What could be tastier and stickier?! They’re called ‘sumbitches’ – no actually! The recipe is from Will Cook for Smiles. That’s not particularly Christmassy sounding, but they ARE tasty!

They’re soft cookies and the caramel chunks melt and ooze out, and the peanut butter makes them smooth and a bit salty. The flavours give off such a warm comforting smell and childhood me would have eaten them all in one go (and adult me probably will ;))

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