25 Days of Christmas Baking: Day 9 – Peppermint

Oh snow! Silly me forgot to buy the cream cheese for cream cheese day! :O Unfortunately it’s also -30 with windchill so there’s no way I’m walking to the store this evening! But instead of skipping over today, I’m going to swap my days around and do peppermint instead!

I went with a recipe for Double Chocolate Stuffed Thin Mint Cookies. I have had a box of After Eight chocolate peppermints sitting in my cupboard for months and haven’t had a clue what to do with them up until now, so I guess this recipe was mint to be! 🙂

The cookies are super soft and thick, and contain chocolate, chocolate chips, and chocolate thin mints so they’re quite umm chocolately! And the added kick of the peppermint is like a refreshing wintery day. I coated them in a layer of white chocolate and broken candy canes because the brown on brown didn’t seem to be all that Christmassy on its own.

Hopefully this gives you some encourge-mint to do your own peppermint baking!

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