What I’m Watching: Spooky Halloween Edition!

Happy almost Halloween! Hard to believe the time of spooky fun is here. This year is different then previous Halloweens, of course. Most of us are going to be at home for the big night instead of at parties or giving away candy ~ on a Saturday this year nonetheless! I’m planning to spend the whole day earing a scary amount of sweets (see no trick or treaters means more candy for you!) and of course binging a ton of spooky films!

These are my typical terrifying go-tos:

Spirited Away

This is of course from Studio Ghibli, so it’s absolutely beautiful and not really scary (well it scared me a LOT the first time!) But you definitely get the heebie-jeebies when everyone disappears, the main character’s family gets turned into pigs (and almost ends up on the dinner table), and then she needs to find employment at a bathhouse where her coworkers are a plethora of different creatures and gigantic babies (and it makes total sense)! It’s a great, ends up being heartwarming watch, with tear-jerking music to boot.

It’s available to watch on Netflix now as well!

The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror!

Treehouse of Horror has been my usual Halloween watching for years! The Simpsons is usually very silly quotable relaxing fun! But Treehouse of Horror takes it to a spooktacular level, and IS the Simpsons that your parents warned you about!

Disney Plus has most of The Simpsons seasons (well the ones that matter!) and I could easily rewatch the Halloween episodes over and over and over again.

Sit back and be terrified!

Stranger Things

I know, I know! It took me forever to start this series that everyone has seen. But I am shocked at how much I adore it. Kids in horror is always a bit eerie for me, but the whole cast is MAGIC and you really feel a true friendship.

Another surprise is that the storylines really do get better as it progresses. And you will definitely always watch with your hands in front of your face! Big bonus for making the 80s look cool and authentic!

The Addams Family (1991)

I love this movie, and SO wanted to be an Addams as a kid (still open to being adopted :D)! They are definitely kooky, and a little bit scary, but most of all they adore the heck out of each other.

Psycho (1960)

I’m not usually a big slasher and gore fan. But there are a few exceptions. Psycho is a classic for a reason! I still always peak around my shower curtain for this reason… It’s a definite to watch, but maybe not before bed!

I also adored Bates Motel, which is a brilliant adaption of the movie.

Other Halloweeny favourites of mine that deserve a mention are Silence of the Lambs, Saw, Re Eye, and The Shining!

Well I’ve got goosebumps! Any other favourites you’re tuning into?

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October Blogging Challenge! Day 27: Tips for New Bloggers

The last couple of days of the blog challenge that I undertook are rather on the repetitive side, so this will be the last challenge post! I’m excited to be done with this thing and get back to normal blogging fun. However, I did want to squeeze in this post though ~ sharing some tips for new bloggers!

My blog is obviously a personal one where I share the things I love. I definitely don’t make any money off of it and don’t expect to. Many people go into blogging expecting to monetize, and that’s great for them! But my tips are more for the fun blogger who wants to share their passions with the world!

Blog about what you are passionate about. You can tell when somebody is completely passionate about something! Even if you have unique interests, there is SOMEBODY out there who wants to read what you say.

Be unique. You don’t have to follow the same formula as everybody else’s blog.

Blog for yourself. I find it very relaxing to spill my thoughts into these little blog posts! If other people connect with them too, that’s great!

Be yourself. Don’t try and change yourself to fit your blog! This goes back to blogging what you are passionate about. If you don’t love what you do, you won’t want to do it.

Don’t stress! Don’t worry if you falter on your blogging schedule. Blogging should be fun!

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October Blogging Challenge! Day 26: Favourite Things About the Holidays

I LOVE this time of year! It’s an endless stream of holiday celebrations from now on. There is something about the whole mood of this time of year and all the time preparing that fills me with warmth and giddiness.

I never get sick of the costumes and candy, holiday shows (I PVR all the holiday baking shows and watch them back in the middle of summer!), decorations, excited people, spending time baking, eating the baking, and then that feeling that the year is coming to a close and there is a chance to start new and fresh very soon!

But best of all is the time spent with FAMILY! Of course, this year will definitely be different because of COVID, but if that means we have to properly celebrate in June with Santa in a t-shirt and and chilly iced chocolate drinks in the backyard instead, I’m okay with it!

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October Blogging Challenge! Day 25: A Weekend in the Life

I am a bit late on my Day in the Life posts! Was supposed to be this past Thursday, but don’t think you want a rundown of my work from home day ~ Gets ANOTHER snack?! Cat sits on keyboard AGAIN?! Cat bites foot on phone call!… So to spare you, I’ve decided to combine this post with my weekend adventures!

This weekend was a definite indoorsy one. It was grey, snowy, and freezing cold outside~ so a good weekend to catchup. I woke up pretty early on Saturday (blame some fuzzy little feet in my face).

I stumbled upon a pile of knitting I started way back in *cough* February, so I decided 8 months later was probably time to get it done. Despite the ridiculous procrastination, this kitty plush only took a couple of hours to get done. Please meet the now fully knitted Knitty Kitty:

Sugar on the other hand is not overly impressed by our new houseguest, especially being in HER spot! He’s still not completely done. The whiskers are a bit much (chunky black yarn is all I have!) and the pattern says that the fur (err knitting) is supposed to be felted so I might unstuff him and do that eventually. But I’m pretty happy right now.

I started work on some Christmas gifts as well. Hard to believe that the big day is only 2 months away!

I managed to accomplished a ton of cleaning as well, including the big pantry cleanup that I meant to do at the start of the pandemic! I ended up accomplishing a ton, and relaxed with some Pokemon gaming and a nap.

Power went out late on Sunday night, so with that ~ weekend is a wrap! Let’s go finish October!

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October Blogging Challenge! Day 24: Favourite Workout Songs!

My typical music for workouts is super energetic Japanese Pop! Jpop typically works well for a good hard workout as they usually have a good beat, high BPM, and a feeling of endless energy.

My go-to artists when I’m in that high energy of kind of mood are usually Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Perfume, BABYMETAL, and e-girls. They have very catchy tunes that make me WANT to get out there and workout.

Here is my super energetic Jpop workout playlist on Spotify:

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