October Blogging Challenge! Day 10: Things About Me!

Here are some super fun facts about me for today’s challenge!

  1. I have a major sweet tooth ~ and many filled cavities to prove it!
  2. All of my pets have been named after sweets! Toffie the bunny, Vanilla and Coffee Crisp the hamsters, and of course Sugar the kitty!
  3. I don’t own any black clothing or trousers
  4. My favourite kind of cake is carrot cake with a HUGE layer of cream cheese frosting (but I’m really not picky about cake flavours at all!)
  5. I don’t know how to drive ~ and have no interest in learning
  6. My childhood bedroom was BRIGHT neon green!
  7. I collect a lot of stuff! Mostly 80s/90s girly toys, dolls, teacups, lunchboxes, novelty purses, cupcakes, and Hello Kitty.
  8. My favourite hobbies are knitting, thrift shopping, baking, writing, playing retro video games, and doing anything creative
  9. I LOVE animals and have been a strict vegetarian for 6 years, and hope to become a vegan soon!
  10. I really like early mornings! Everything is so fresh and quiet and then of course breakfast food is my favourite so I really look forward to waking up!
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