October Blogging Challenge! Day 25: A Weekend in the Life

I am a bit late on my Day in the Life posts! Was supposed to be this past Thursday, but don’t think you want a rundown of my work from home day ~ Gets ANOTHER snack?! Cat sits on keyboard AGAIN?! Cat bites foot on phone call!… So to spare you, I’ve decided to combine this post with my weekend adventures!

This weekend was a definite indoorsy one. It was grey, snowy, and freezing cold outside~ so a good weekend to catchup. I woke up pretty early on Saturday (blame some fuzzy little feet in my face).

I stumbled upon a pile of knitting I started way back in *cough* February, so I decided 8 months later was probably time to get it done. Despite the ridiculous procrastination, this kitty plush only took a couple of hours to get done. Please meet the now fully knitted Knitty Kitty:

Sugar on the other hand is not overly impressed by our new houseguest, especially being in HER spot! He’s still not completely done. The whiskers are a bit much (chunky black yarn is all I have!) and the pattern says that the fur (err knitting) is supposed to be felted so I might unstuff him and do that eventually. But I’m pretty happy right now.

I started work on some Christmas gifts as well. Hard to believe that the big day is only 2 months away!

I managed to accomplished a ton of cleaning as well, including the big pantry cleanup that I meant to do at the start of the pandemic! I ended up accomplishing a ton, and relaxed with some Pokemon gaming and a nap.

Power went out late on Sunday night, so with that ~ weekend is a wrap! Let’s go finish October!

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