Whiskers and worries

I apologize for being so silent lately! The past couple of weeks have been some of the most terrifying in my life as a Cat Mom as Sugar, my sweet kitty, nearly swallowed string. I want to start by saying everything is now completely fine with Sugar and this is a happy post written in celebration! I wanted to share my journey as I think it’s important we share and learn from others’ experiences to keep our furry babies safe and happy.

I’m not a veterinary expert so these are just my experiences. I found reading these types of stories while I was going through this to be triggering so this is just a warning that if pet sickness bothers you, please don’t read any further.

Sunday May 16th was a horrible day. I heard Sugar gagging, and turned around to see a string in her mouth and a look in her eyes I’ve never seen before and will never forget. I was able to get to her and pull the string out before she swallowed it. It was a plastic string that had frayed off of a packaging box that I had received earlier that day. I am confident that I got it all out and she was completely fine afterwards.

Shaken, I immediately got on the internet (because research is one of my favourite things!… but too much of reading others’ opinions is also not a good thing!) It was like reading a tidal wave of potential horrors and symptoms of obstruction. I learned that you are NOT supposed to pull a string out of a cat’s mouth as it could be wrapped around organs. But Sugar only had the string in her mouth for maybe 30 seconds and there was no blood or vomiting, so I was incredibly lucky.

I watched Sugar like a hawk for the next couple of days for potential signs of an intestinal blockage, and fortunately, she happily ate and drank. I was a complete mess though and I think that stressed her out and she began hiding away from me instead of demanding cuddles 24-7, had huge saucer eyes, just didn’t really seem quite like herself – another potential symptom of cat sickness.

I spoke to the vet a couple of times on the phone, and she assured me because there were none of the symptoms of a blockage after a couple of days (which are typically vomiting, diarrhea, swollen belly, and not eating or drinking), there was likely not a concern. The vet assistant really talked me down from a terrible place – so I am forever appreciative!!

I was finally able to get an in-person appointment at the vet after nearly two weeks (there is a lockdown because of COVID here and it is nearly impossible to get in) and Sugar got a clean bill of health!! Sugar was back to her normal cuddle-monster self after a week. In all likelihood, the hiding and weird behaviour were because of my stress.

Now that saga has passed and Cat Mom Life is back to normal. 😀

Completely healthy! Not so happy having to get poked and prodded though and screamed THE WHOLE WAY!!

As a crafter, I was always incredibly vigilant about cleaning up craft supplies like yarn and string, because despite the adorable stereotype of kitties rolling in string – it can cause havoc! In Sugar’s case, it was string off of packing tape from a packing box which is something I’d never think of!

These are not a toy?! YARN IT ALL!

I just wanted to post this for awareness. Clean up potential hazards, watch your fur babies close, and hug them even closer! I have now also signed Sugar up for Pet Insurance just in case.

Me and Sugar send lots of love your way! xoxo

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