I Want to Ride My Bicycle!

Watch out! I just bought myself my first bike in 20+ years. 🙂

Put her together myself ~ being supurrvised, of course 😉

She’s a pastel purple Roadmaster Cordelia cruiser bike that I’m calling Amelia Pedalia!! She’s pretty and even came with a basket (a dream come true!)

I put her together in my living room all by myself yesterday, so I’m pretty proud of myself for that accomplishment. I’m reasonably okay around a toolbox, but rarely do I put together anything with so many parts. Just hoping everything is where it’s supposed to be… eek!

I had a job a few years ago where we got around biking from place to place, and I spent most of my free time racing around on my bike. Although I venture around on my feet to get most places (I don’t drive!), I miss the freedom of a bike so much! I’m excited to just be able to quickly pop out to the store or an early morning cruise to who knows where.

See you later everyone – adventures await!! xoxo

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