It’s NaNoWriMo Time!

This year I’m happy to announce that I will be participating in NaNoWriMo again! If you don’t hang around certain corners of the internet, you might be wondering what in the world kind of contest is THAT? Wrestling, nanobots, an attempt to cut out some bad habits?! Prior to participating, those are all actual things I assumed people were excited about participating in…

NaNoWriMo, in fact, stands for National Novel Writing Month. It’s an event that occurs November on the internet, where writers of all levels attempt to type, handwrite, and/or spend thirty full days writing a 50,000 word novel.

What a novel or writing means to a NaNoWriMo participant is completely subjective. Some people write one story from cover to cover, some write short stories, and some just beat the keyboard for 30 days, or approximately 1,667 words each day for a whole month. Anyone can participate, whether you share is up to you, and best of all there are absolutely no rules.

I first participated NaNoWriMo in 2010 and won that year (and three times since). Okay, won is another slightly confusing NaNoWriMo term. All it takes to WIN NaNoWriMo is to finish 50,000 words in whatever way you can. Technically you could write “the” 50,000 times and still win, but then you’d have to live with yourself. Some write to get published, some write for themselves, some just WRITE!

Then life got in the way and my writing inspiration took a nose-dive over the past couple of years. But during 2019, fairy tales took over my life and like that kind of magic, my writing inspiration returned! I’ve decided that I’ll be writing a twisted fairy tale type story come November – called “Chronicles Upon a Time“. For once, I even have the whole thing plotted and I’m itching to go!

There will be fun, there will be sweat and tears (lots of), and many long long nights trying to squeeze out every single word I can.

If you’re writing as well, come and be my buddy!

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Goodbye August! Let’s sum(mer) it all up!

Oh my!! How in the world is it the end of August? I haven’t spent much time on the computer at all this summer and I feel a bit bad for my poor little neglected blog. 🙁 Thought I’d do a little catch up post to show you where I’m at!

I’ve spent most of my summer outside running! I thought I was going to be running occasionally to keep fit etc after doing the full marathon back in June but instead I’m running more than ever – sometimes 8+ hours a week which is the majority of my free time! Right now I’m training for a half marathon race at the end of October, and then I’ll take a bit of a break for winter. My online presence is almost non-existent at the moment (eek!) to the point of worrying my internet friends, in which I’m so sorry! (but so sweet to know people have thought of me!) So a goal of mine going forward is try to maintain a better balance because a social connection is also something important.

On the bright side, with all that running I get to eat far more than ever so I’ve been baking a ton and have an ever growing list of recipes to get to! 😀

I am really finding myself missing crafting lately! I got off to such a great start this year ~ that was the point of this blog after all ~ and then just faded. I feel like I’m constantly rushed and just can’t relax enough to sit down and calmly create something. I’m excited for the snow to fall again (shh!) so I get to be all bundled up with knitting needles in hand for hours on end!

So hang just a little bit tighter, I have tons of whimsical fun things to create and share with you all! xoxo

Sugar hopes you have a great rest of the summer as well (and asks if you could perhaps cut her a slice of watermelon?!)

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Ai-Kon 2019 Haul!

This past weekend was my second trip to Ai-Kon, the annual anime convention in my lovely city of Winnipeg, Canada! I went last year and was dying to go back immediately afterwards!

I was only able to go on the Friday this year because of other plans, but I was going to make my most of my couple of hours there. Fortunately my office is just a couple of blocks away so I was able to pop over at lunch to get registered (while getting caught in a torrential downpour!) and check it out quick. Then the moment it was hometime, I ran back over to get the fun started!

I decided to dress as casual Usagi Tsukino (the civilian identity of the one and only Sailor Moon!) for an extra fun-vention and so that I could sneakily wear it to work and not have to change after! I’ve always loved Usagi’s day to day outfits in the anime because they are so easy to put together, and I had everything I needed for this one and could also play undercover as Sailor Moon. Well, sort of – the odango might have given me away a little!

My big reason for going to conventions – aside from being surrounded by a sea of other happy like-minded people – is the marketplace! I’m a big collector of everything kawaii and plushie, and having it all out in front of me is my idea of paradise!

I went a bit plushie crazy and adopted *cough* 10 new friends! Unicorns and Lopeusa’s and Korilakkumas, oh my!

Hard to believe I only got TWO Pokemon things ~ Espeon and Ditto as Sylveon. There were a lot of vendors selling Pokemon plush this year, so yay for my self control because I wanted SO MANY!

My favourite find of the day was Kojika no Latte  – a little deer plush made by Amuse! I’ve been wanting her for a very long time and couldn’t even find one on ebay so I almost passed out (fawns are my favourite :3). Finding some Molang things was cool too, because I don’t have anything of him yet.

That Unicorn no Cony is MASSIVE and so snuggly. The best thing was me struggling with her half way through downtown trying to catch the bus after!

I also found these mega cute Sanrio buttons! I was so excited to find Keroppi and Chococat pins (my favourite character!).

I also picked up a blind box! It’s a Re-Ment Sanrio snowglobe. I have terrible luck with these to be honest and always get the one that I don’t really prefer… Nothing changes! I ended up getting Marroncream ~ she’s a sweet little French bunny girl which is one of the lesser known Sanrio characters. She’s actually growing on me a bit after learning more about her so I promise the initial disappointment has passed!

Last but not least, the SWEETS! *_*

I’m still working on opening them all! The Sakura Sake Kitkits are unfortunately a bit of a disappointment :/ They smell overwhelmingly like sake, but only have the faintest Sakura taste. They’re quite refreshing, but not really what I thought. Japanese Kitkats are always very hit and miss anyways ~ but I love testing them! So far, the strawberry shake sweets and the Fujiya Milky x Sanrio chocolates are my favourite.

It was a great day! Will definitely be back next year and hope to take in more of the panels and experiences over the full weekend.

As a side note, I think I might expand my blog into reviews of toys and Japanese sweets because I adore them to a ridiculous degree. So watch out! 🙂 xoxo

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I finished my first marathon!

I DID IT! Ran 26.2 miles (42 kilometers) before most people even had breakfast yesterday – and loved it!

I still kind of feel like running is my ~secret~identity, totally separate from my usual pretty pink persona! Okay, this outfit might just give me away! 😉

Here’s me the house at 5 am! I woke up at THREE and spent a groggy half an hour trying to get that darn bib on straight!!

Running has become a big part of my life and one of my favourite hobbies. As I mentioned in this post, I only started properly training last year after thinking that’d I never ever do such a silly thing. I’m a frilly dress wearing, no sweat, I actually like to KEEP my toenails kinda gal!! Or so I thought!

With hundreds of miles run and two half marathons under my belt, I was ready for the next big challenge: the FULL marathon. So for the past four months I’ve been waking up early no matter the weather (my cat hasn’t been complaining that she gets breakfast super early!), spent a record amount of time in spandex, and bruised every single one of my toenails getting ready for the big day!

It was a freezing cold morning to be standing around waiting! I look absolutely terrified here for some reason!

All for this one day. I still couldn’t believe THE race day was really here when I lined up for the run and nerves almost got me! However, the loud cheering, other happy people, and the knowledge of medals and bagels at the end made me get it together!

The race itself was great. I was very well trained – but you’re still never quite sure what to expect until you’re OUT THERE on the course with only your own brain. I watched the miles pass by way faster than I thought and suddenly Pink Lightning (which I feel I was appropriately nicknamed by a spectator!) was coming through the stadium!

Here’s me a couple of hours later!

Seeing that finish line – and accomplishing what seemed to be an unrealistic life goal – was a moment that will stick with me forever. To my shock I finished in 3:52:14! I almost cried when the medal was put around my neck!

I’m beyond ecstatic right now! I’m practically still jumping up and down (except not actually my legs are like NO WAY!) I can’t wait to get back in the groove of running again, but for right now I’m enjoying just getting to lay around and getting to eat all sorts of delicious sweets!

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May Catch-up!

Apologies for the VERY delayed post – ack it’s the middle of… JUNE?! Here’s what I was up to in May!

  • I’ve been running like a mad woman – literally! I had a half marathon in early May and finished in a wicked personal best time (1:49)! Running has been most of my life actually! It’s been run, eat, sleep, repeat all in preparation for my full marathon *gasp* tomorrow?!?!?!
Sugar modelling my medal (and sweaty gear ;)) from my half!
  • It’s actually spring out now (we even had a few days well above THIRTY celsius!) so I’ve been spending a lot of time outside staring at the lovely cherry blossoms!
  • Started working on construction on my first dollhouse, which I’ve been spending weeks sanding, construction, priming, painting… making an entire mess of my room and have been loving it! I really missed being creative and coating everything in PINK!
  • I also got inspired to finally get back to working on decorating my actual house!
  • After a few years, I finally got CURTAINS! My big dollhouse finally looks like a real dollhouse now! Which that cat has not destroyed yet (even I’m SHOCKED)!
  • Game of Thrones is actually DONE! Ahh! It’s been so long since I’ve been invested in a show like that (like so many people!) No spoilers here, but I really liked how it ended.
  • I started watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to fill in the gap! Definitely NOT the same genre, but it was time for something hilarious.
  • After years and years of hmming and hawing, I bought my very first Takara Neo Blythe doll (I’m planning a proper post soon… but I’m just beaming!)
  • And saw lots and lots of rainbows!
This was at 6 am on what seemed like a super glum day! The universe always knows what you need 🙂

Hope to be a bit more active here on the blogosphere once running is done! I feel the creative bug biting again and need to put all that spare time to use! 😀

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