October Blogging Challenge! Day 14: What’s On My Playlist (Autumn Edition!)

Today’s October blogging challenge topic is all about what I listen to!! I love this prompt, as it’s one of my favourite thing to know about people.

My own musical taste tends to be a bit all over the place! I usually like listening to extremely upbeat pop that makes you want to get up and spin around the room. But as soon as the leaves change and the days are short and chilly, I like throwing on a big fuzzy (but still super colourful!) sweater and listening to some soothing indie tones. Autumn reminds me of walking through a forest on a dark morning, watching movies with hot cocoa, sketching down stories by moonlight, and just peaceful calm nostalgia! I love these short couple of months so much.

Here are some of the airy, spooky and magical tunes that are keeping me toasty warm lately!

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October Blogging Challenge! Day 1: Thankful Thursday!

Holy moly October already?! September was a VERY busy month but fortunately also meant it went by crazy fast – phew! It’s time to unwind with the very first day of the October Blogging Challenge, and the first topic is Thankful Thursday! I’m glad we get to start the month on a good happy note because I sure need it!

I am thankful for a lot of things as I’m realizing more and more this wild year, but here are FIVE for today:


Always my favourite thing! My lovely parents surprised me this weekend by coming over to paint my bedroom and brought over sushi (my absolute favourite food!) which I haven’t had forever. They are amazing and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Crispy Autumn Mornings

Something cool autumn days really me with warmth and happiness! I’m looking forward to planning and celebrating holidays (whatever that means this year!)

Studio Ghibli Movies

I’ve been binge watching Ghibli films lately and they’re really helping me escape from the real world for a little bit. They’re just absolute positivity and prettiness in movie form!


I LOVE making stuff and having a million projects on the go at once! My house is an EXPLOSION of colour and yarn and beads at the moment and it’s so much fun.

I bought a couple of new knitting patterns off of Etsy that I’m so excited to get to work on!

Jigglypuff is by LittleWhitsKnits and the Sailor Moon Hat is by PamigurumiMakes!


I LOVE my friends (in real life and internet friends)! Even if we don’t talk frequently or just exchange the occasional likes, I really adore you and don’t think I’d be in as good of a place as I am without you. <3

What are you thankful for?!? 🙂

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Falling for Autumn!

I love autumn! The vibe of the season fills me with such warmth even as the weather gets really chilly again. There is SO much to celebrate about this season!

Here are some of my favourite autumn things:

  • Cozy sweaters and fuzzy socks
  • Big cups of hot chocolate
  • Changing colours
  • Walking over crunchy crispy leaves
  • The smell of bonfires
  • Long dark nights
  • Cooler weather
  • Relaxing nights in watching a favourite movie or show
  • Time to craft or learn new hobbies!
  • Halloween season with candies and goodies galore!
  • Toasted marshmallows
  • Decorating pumpkins

Autumn is a fresh start, rather than the end of something! Enjoy the extra time to become the person you dreamed about coming all year!

Stay snuggly and healthy everyone! xoxo Erika

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Sunday Snaps for the end of summer!

Tomorrow is officially the last day of summer! I’m very excited for all the changes autumn will bring! It certainly looks like autumn here already. Just in the past day the trees have all started going from green to orange and leaves are falling! Yay for crunchy leaf piles!! I feel like autumn is really ENERGIZING me and I managed to accomplish a lot this week.

I’ve been trying to get outside as much as I can and saying hi to the friendly neighbourhood animal pals. These guys were having a blast with the leaves:

Sugar is definitely entertained watching the leaves fall from the window as well:

I’ve also been in a cleaning mood, and reorganized the closet today. Time to pull out the toasty warm cardigans again!

Did a ton of creating as well ~ I’m so glad to be back at it! Spent a lot of time knitting and getting caught up on the 2020 Mood Blanket:

Sugar and binged a bunch of Studio Ghibli Films! Didn’t realize that they are on Netflix now so it was a huge treat.

Which inspired me to make a Totoro feltie! Here he is in progress (while watching Arrietty sew in The Secret World of Arrietty):

Bought a Hello Kitty Perler Bead kit so also been tinkering with that a bit too ( you can get your own here!):

My parents were in town this week as well, so I had the privilege of babysitting my sweet pup Heidi, who lives with my parents at their cottage. I’ve missed the heck out of her this year so it was nice catching up!

The rainbow blanket has been great for some of the chilly nights we’ve been having lately ~ and I love it! Bye summer, see ya next year!

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