2019 in Review!

HAPPY LAST DAY OF 2019! And last day of the DECADE to boot!

Wow has so much changed for me in the past year ~ in great ways! I started the year so excited to create a bright happy life for myself, and am ending it even more positive about everything! The middle was stuffed with great stuff too. Here’s some of what I accomplished!

One year ago! Started off dressed like a rainbow. I dressed colourfully every single day and had random strangers tell them my outfits made them happy 😀
My sweet kitty Sugar celebrate her first birthday and we celebrated with a big bash! She doesn’t look thrilled here, but she was spoiled with attention so she wasn’t complaining!
Spent a big chunk of the year knitting, felting, and learning new things! I ran out of time so I didn’t get to create quite as much as I hoped.
Built and painted an adorable dollhouse from a kit! Still needs to be decorated on the inside, but that’s a 2020 project!
Ran and finished my first FULL MARATHON! A lot of my year was spent training and well making up the burned calories lol.
Bought my first Blythe dolls ~ a longtime dream!!
Baked for nearly a month straight for Christmas! This was my first go at decorating sugar cookies so a bit wobbly, but still adorable 😀
Made my pink house PINKER and cozier!
Most importantly, I had a ridiculous amount of FUN!!

And so much more! Hard to believe it has been 365 days! I really just want 2020 to be very similar – just happy, colourful, and creative! I think we can do it!

LET’S GO!!! Lots of love and best of luck to you all in 2020!! xoxo

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Christmas 2019 is a wrap!!

Another Christmas done! My holiday was jammed full of family, colour, cheer, and of course so much food that I’ll be full for a week (just kidding, I’m nibbling on more cookies right now :D)!

Speaking of food, I’m so happy to say my challenge to bake every day since December 1st was a big success!! I ended up whipping up well over 25 different items and had so much fun in the process and have learned so much. The crazy thing is there is almost nothing left now but crumbs as I’ve given away so many trays (phew)!!

Here’s the full list of goodies I baked (they link to the recipes!):

  1. Chocolate Dipped Pretzels
  2. Shortbread Cutout Cookies
  3. Mini Chip Butter Crisps
  4. Peanutbutter Balls
  5. German Spritzgebäck (Spritz) Cookies
  6. Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies
  7. Magic M&M Cookie Bars
  8. Gingerbread Recipes for House and Cookies
  9. White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies
  10. Double Chocolate Stuffed Thin Mint Cookies
  11. Loaded Christmas Bark
  12. Christmas Swirl Cheesecake Cookies
  13. Jam Thumbprint Cookies
  14. Sugar Cookies & Royal Icing
  15. Mixed Berry Pie
  16. Sugar Plum Fairy Cupcakes
  17. Chocolate Truffles
  18. Toffee Butterscotch Cookies
  19. Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies
  20. Christmas Tree Brownies
  21. Grinch Cookies
  22. Chocolate Mint Nanaimo Bars
  23. Butterscotch Confetti Squares
  24. Cinnamon Bread
  25. Savory Spicy Rosemary Nuts
  26. Chocolate Chip Cookies
  27. One Hour Cinnamon Rolls

I’m going to continue baking into the new year because I think I’m properly addicted now! Anyways, have a great rest of the holiday season and can’t wait to see you for the next sweet thing!!

xoxo Erika & Sugar the Cat

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25 Days of Christmas Baking: Day 20 – Squares

Every Canadian Christmas party seems to have a plate of Nanaimo Bars! If you’re not from the great white north and have never experienced these delicious squares, you’re missing out! They’re a layered treat with three layers: a crunchy chocolate nut base, smooth custardy middle, and sweet chocolate top.

They’ve been on my list of baking to-dos forever but this was my first time actually making my own. The recipe I used was for Chocolate Mint Nanaimo Bars from Spend with Pennies because I thought they look far more festive than the standard plain custard bars. If I knew just how easy they were, I would have made them ages ago!

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25 Days of Christmas Baking: Day 19 – Cookie Tray

I love putting together cookie trays! A selection of cookies all laid out is just so pretty, and your friends will be soo happy to be given a tray stuffed full of sugary sweetness!

Here’s a list of the delicious Christmas cookies that have to make it on my cookie trays every year that will hopefully give you some yummy ideas about what to do for yours!


Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

Christmas Tree Brownies

Graham Cracker Crack


Mini Chip Butter Crisps

Jam Thumbprint Cookies

Peppermint Kiss Cookies

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

Ginger Spice Cookies

No Bake

Peanut Butter Balls

Butterscotch Confetti Squares

Five days to Christmas… I haven’t got around to all of these this year, but I think I can squeeze in a few more batches! 😀

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25 Days of Christmas Baking: Day 17 – Sticky!

I remember being a kid at my Grandma’s house at Christmas and eating so many ooey gooey toffees and caramels that made my teeth stick together and left my insides all warm and happy! Tooth pulling sweets are *definitely* a Christmastime only kind of treat ~ that’s why they’re so special.

But finding a “sticky” recipe for today’s challenge had me… well quite stuck! Sticky toffee pudding and cinnamon rolls are mega yummy, but I needed something that I could eat a bit of and then throw into the freezer until I can give away!

And then I saw them! A cookie stuffed with melty caramel chunks, peanut butter AND chocolate?! What could be tastier and stickier?! They’re called ‘sumbitches’ – no actually! The recipe is from Will Cook for Smiles. That’s not particularly Christmassy sounding, but they ARE tasty!

They’re soft cookies and the caramel chunks melt and ooze out, and the peanut butter makes them smooth and a bit salty. The flavours give off such a warm comforting smell and childhood me would have eaten them all in one go (and adult me probably will ;))

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