Christmas 2019 is a wrap!!

Another Christmas done! My holiday was jammed full of family, colour, cheer, and of course so much food that I’ll be full for a week (just kidding, I’m nibbling on more cookies right now :D)!

Speaking of food, I’m so happy to say my challenge to bake every day since December 1st was a big success!! I ended up whipping up well over 25 different items and had so much fun in the process and have learned so much. The crazy thing is there is almost nothing left now but crumbs as I’ve given away so many trays (phew)!!

Here’s the full list of goodies I baked (they link to the recipes!):

  1. Chocolate Dipped Pretzels
  2. Shortbread Cutout Cookies
  3. Mini Chip Butter Crisps
  4. Peanutbutter Balls
  5. German Spritzgebäck (Spritz) Cookies
  6. Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies
  7. Magic M&M Cookie Bars
  8. Gingerbread Recipes for House and Cookies
  9. White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies
  10. Double Chocolate Stuffed Thin Mint Cookies
  11. Loaded Christmas Bark
  12. Christmas Swirl Cheesecake Cookies
  13. Jam Thumbprint Cookies
  14. Sugar Cookies & Royal Icing
  15. Mixed Berry Pie
  16. Sugar Plum Fairy Cupcakes
  17. Chocolate Truffles
  18. Toffee Butterscotch Cookies
  19. Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies
  20. Christmas Tree Brownies
  21. Grinch Cookies
  22. Chocolate Mint Nanaimo Bars
  23. Butterscotch Confetti Squares
  24. Cinnamon Bread
  25. Savory Spicy Rosemary Nuts
  26. Chocolate Chip Cookies
  27. One Hour Cinnamon Rolls

I’m going to continue baking into the new year because I think I’m properly addicted now! Anyways, have a great rest of the holiday season and can’t wait to see you for the next sweet thing!!

xoxo Erika & Sugar the Cat

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25 Days of Christmas Baking: Day 25 – Christmas Breakfast

MERRY CHRISTMAS! The day is finally here! Well it’s both a very happy and kind of bittersweet day because that means this 25 Days of Christmas Baking Challenge is OVER! I can proudly say that I’ve made over 25 different recipes, filled up two freezers, and filled the tummies of happy friend and family! Now it’s early Christmas Morning, and I just made these delectable one hour cinnamon rolls from I Heart Nap Time to wake up my family!

Fresh out of the oven!!

I’ve made a few other cinnamon roll recipes in the past, but never using yeast. These rolls are easy, super fluffy, and of course are quick because everyone is running around like crazy today!

Nice and iced!!

Well off to save the gifts from being ripped apart by my cat!! 😀 Sending lots of love and cheer to you and your family!

This morning at the little pink house. All is quiet, not even a mouse!
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25 Days of Christmas Baking: Day 24 – Cookies for Santa

What kind of cookie did you leave for Santa as a kid?! For me, it was always nothing but chocolate chip and a big glass of milk!!

Santa must have to eat millions of cookies tonight (living the dream for sure!) so it’s important that your cookies are little bites of pure goodness! I went with this super easy recipe:

1/2 cup butter

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup brown sugar

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt

2 cups flour

1/2 cup chocolate chips (or white chips or even raisins if Santa is into that!)

How to Make Them

1. Preheat oven to 375F. With a mixer, cream butter, sugar, and brown sugar. Add in the eggs and vanilla and mix well.

2. In a separate bowl add the baking soda, salt, and flour. Add the dry mix to the wet and mix until combined.

3. Stir in the chocolate chips. With a spoon, scoop out the mix and place the balls on a lined baking tray. No need to flatten down. I made my cookies pretty small (about 1 inch)

4. Bake for 9 minutes or until the edges are brown but the cookies are still soft.

5. Put out for Santa with a tall glass of milk!

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25 Days of Christmas Baking: Day 23 – Savoury

Christmastime is almost here – I can’t even believe it!! This baking challenge has really made the whole month of December zip by, and I’ve honestly NEVER felt more festive than this year! My family arrived last night, so I did my Day 23 baking yesterday as I didn’t want to spoil gifts!

The past couple of years I’ve got really into creating homemade presents. This year I think I made more of my gifts than purchased. It’s really nice knowing that my gifts will be enjoyed and used instead of collecting dust, which is great for everyone! I always struggled with what to get my Dad for Christmas and usually ended up clearing the shelf of NUTS! He just can’t get enough. But nuts are crazy expensive and well a container of generic nuts is just… not that exciting! So this year I went a little… wait for it… nutty myself and tried my hand at making fancy nuts.

I found a recipe for Savory Spicy Rosemary Nuts which look delicious and appropriately festive with the rosemary. The recipe is very open to the kind of nuts used – I picked my Dad’s favourites: almonds, cashews, and pistachios. The nuts are candied in a brown sugar and maple syrup mix (which I had to also make from scratch because I ran out – easy homemade recipe here!). Then they get spiced with cumin, cayenne, and of course rosemary or thyme for a fun festive zing!

I’m surprised how spicy they turned out after roasting in the oven, and the candied coating makes them completely addictive (had to hold back or he’d be getting a TINY jar!) I think Dad will be all cracked up with this gift!

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25 Days of Christmas Baking: Day 22 – Bread

I made this incredibly delicious cinnamon loaf early this morning for bread day! It’s a quick bread, so doesn’t require any yeast and has left my house smelling very much like Christmas! Fortunately there are two loaves because with my family coming over today, I don’t think it’s going to last very long!

You can find the recipe from here from Julie Blanner.

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