25 Days of Christmas Baking: Day 25 – Christmas Breakfast

MERRY CHRISTMAS! The day is finally here! Well it’s both a very happy and kind of bittersweet day because that means this 25 Days of Christmas Baking Challenge is OVER! I can proudly say that I’ve made over 25 different recipes, filled up two freezers, and filled the tummies of happy friend and family! Now it’s early Christmas Morning, and I just made these delectable one hour cinnamon rolls from I Heart Nap Time to wake up my family!

Fresh out of the oven!!

I’ve made a few other cinnamon roll recipes in the past, but never using yeast. These rolls are easy, super fluffy, and of course are quick because everyone is running around like crazy today!

Nice and iced!!

Well off to save the gifts from being ripped apart by my cat!! 😀 Sending lots of love and cheer to you and your family!

This morning at the little pink house. All is quiet, not even a mouse!
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25 Days of Christmas Baking: Day 22 – Bread

I made this incredibly delicious cinnamon loaf early this morning for bread day! It’s a quick bread, so doesn’t require any yeast and has left my house smelling very much like Christmas! Fortunately there are two loaves because with my family coming over today, I don’t think it’s going to last very long!

You can find the recipe from here from Julie Blanner.

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25 Days of Christmas Baking: Day 5 – Cinnamon

Nothing screams the holidays more than the toasty warm smell of cinnamon!

I’ve been eating so many sweets lately that I didn’t think I had room to eat a dozen or so cinnamon rolls (okay maybe I do ;)), so I found the next best thing: Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies! So now I can have my roll and eat it too!

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