Day 28 of the 30 day blog challenge!

Day 28 – Most Embarrassing Moment

Found this on Pinterest! Remember the Little Miss books?!? This one is definitely me.

I don’t really have ONE thing that I can call my MOST embarrassing moment! But I’m always blushing about something. Usually it’s my gangly clumsiness!

My arms and legs just don’t want to work in a sensible way and are always getting me in trouble. I trip over absolutely everything and somehow am a magnet for stray balls and other objects! One time I was walking past a school on my lunch walk and managed to get a random frisbee in the head… EEK!!! The kids were super apologetic but oh my gosh that was embarrassing! I laughed at it and shrinked away quickly! 😀

I also am good at finding out exactly where the wet floors are in places as well (and missing the signs)! Oops! Fortunately I’ve got good at laughing at myself (and finding the bandaids!)

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