Sunday Snaps… Cats in space edition!

It’s ANOTHER colder than -40 degree weekend so Sugar and I are daydreaming of being ANYWHERE but here!

So we went… TO SPACE!

Nyan Cat irl!

It all started when I was working on my felt food yesterday (almost ready to open a cafe lol!)

And from poptarts I was reminded of…

NYAN NYAN! I threw on a rainbow and bribed Sugar with a handful of treats to sit still for ONE picture and voila! Flying poptart cat!

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Gotta make ’em all… 151 Pokemon plushies!

I started a new project this week dedicated to one of my longest obsessions – POKEMON! I had this crazy idea to create all of the Pokemon in teeny tiny feltie form.

Here are the starters… Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle and their evolutions!

Felt Starter Pokemon~ Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle and their evolutions!
The first nine!

I’m hoping to get about one feltie friend done a day, and then will be done in six months (or so!) Right now, I’m just doing the original 151… because there are currently 721 Pokemon and that would take a LIFETIME!!

I’m going to try and post my adventures in felt Pokemon every Friday… so hello Feltie Friday!

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I dream of spring…ie!

This was a looong week! Maybe because it was the first full week back at work, or just the seemingly endless winterness, or just a case of the grumpies for some unknown reason, but it REALLY got to me!

My craft a day-ness suffered a bit because of it. There were a couple of days that I wasn’t able to do anything but knit a few stitches or glue a couple of pompoms and then did a proper hibernation and climbed into my cave at like 7 pm! Was just super sleepy!

But as soon as I escaped from work on Friday, I cranked up the heat in my house and threw on my most flowery dress and dreamed of green, flowers, and sunshine and I was BACK! This weekends’ accomplishments: bedazzled some photo frames, am relatively confident in doing a running stitch in sewing, made a LOT of new felt friends, organized my craft room (it was chaos and I kept losing Sugar in the mess!), polished off most of the remaining Christmas cookies (it had to be done :D), and walked a TON (to burn off the cookies and unwind)!

I was craving strawberries during my spring daydreams, so I made these guys out of felt!

Just have to keep remembering, sunnier days to come! 🙂 xoxo

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Sending RAINBOWS to brighten up your Monday!

The sky is FALLING! Not actually I suppose, but my city got 15 centimeters of SNOW overnight AND it’s first thing Monday morning! Sigh…… no wait! That just calls for extra rainbows!

So meet my colourful new buddy who I created to give cuddles and get us through today!

He’s made of felt and is stuffed full of happiness (okay stuffing…. but nothing makes me happier!) I’m sticking him in my purse today and he’s guaranteed to make everything just dandy!

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Pompoms and plans plans plans!

What a first week of 2019!

I’ve been using a LOT of pompoms for my first week of craft a day 2019. They just seemed appropriate and fun to start out with because they remind me of PARTY TIME and HAPPINESS and that’s just how I want this year to go!

Pompom tights!

I simply hot-glued the colourful little guys (obviously not when I was wearing them!) to a thick pair of once unexciting tights and suddenly they became ready to join the circus!

And a garland! Sugar is also pompom fan!

Pompom garland is a super easy craft. All you need is a needle and thread. Just push the threaded needle through as many pompoms as you need for your garland, tie up the ends, and hang up!

Also a big fan!! 😉

I also added some pompoms to barrettes, headbands, bows, and really every other surface…!

Pompoms aside, I’ve been busy seeking out loads of craft ideas (hello Pinterest!) and making lists of things to create. Right now, plushie making is really calling me and I’m stitching up a new friend as I type!

But also as it turns out, a craft a day is a bit of an undertaking… especially because I’m working full time! So I do feel like I could really benefit from some sort of proper crafting challenge! But I can’t seem to find any such thing. Perhaps sometime this year I’ll write out some prompts because surely I’m not the only one doing something so silly and fun!

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