Crafting A Happy Life!

I miss cutting up paper, using gluesticks, drawing, mixing things up, painting, glitter, glue, and pompoms, colour, imagining, designing, just DOING and getting lost in the far-away world of happy. Crafting and drawing were some of my favourite hobbies as a kid. My mom used to yell at me for getting marker and nail polish EVERYWHERE. To her, a mess; to me PURE JOY!

Some bad experiences and people in junior high killed my creative soul and turned me into a serious, tired girl who doesn’t recognize herself at all. 🙁 I now work in a paper-pushing desk job, with rules and regulations and no room to find myself; which is the farthest place from where I imagined I would be as a kid.

But fortunately, a creative wave STRUCK ME as I was walking through the craft aisle at the dollar store, staring at the brightly coloured yarn, pipe-cleaners, glitter, and neon-coloured paints. I realized then and there no artist ever became an artist by JUST dreaming. I need to just get down and messy and not let what could be a creative, cheery, colourful life get away from me.

This scarf and hat were the first knit projects I ever made! Absolute terrible and itchy, but a start!!

I bought some bright yarn on a whim last December, and while learning to knit, for the first time in a long time, feel truly energized and with purpose. Now I want to DO IT ALL. 😀

First big project! Fortunately Heidi is covering up (most) of the dropped stitches!! Haha!! But everyone starts somewhere.

There are so many things I want to try: painting furniture and fully reno-ing my condo, making jewellery, crocheting, beads. So many ideas, so little time. So this blog is my journey to a creative, colourful, and always kooky life!

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