Day 6 of the 30 day blog challenge!

Day 6 – What Are You Afraid Of?

I am a bit of a fraidy cat and there are lots of things that absolutely terrify me… like balconies (I avoid the second floor of malls because those scare the heck out of me ahh don’t lean on the edge!!), throwing up, those dang basement bugs (TOO MANY LEGS!), and being late (I’m always in a rush)!

You want me to leave my comfy safe box?!?

But I think my biggest fear – and the one that I am most afraid of posting about (eek!) – is people/social interaction. I have pretty bad social anxiety and it stops me from living life to the fullest. My heart just races when I see people whether I know them or not (and even online!), and words just don’t come out. So I feel lost in a world where everyone is busy chatting up a storm.

I’m a bit of a hermit and I’ve created my own little pink world which makes me incredibly happy. But I also feel like I’m missing out on so many things like just going out with friends, or to parties, or sharing more of my own life on social media.

Writing that down helps SO MUCH!! I am okay with being who I am (someone’s gotta be the shy one!), but I’d like to meet new people and work through the things that are holding me back and be EVEN HAPPIER. LET’S DO IT! 😀

Tomorrow will be even brighter and happier!! 🙂
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