October Blogging Challenge! Day 18: Top Places to Travel

Let’s take a vacation!! You don’t even have to get up from your chair or spend a dime~ a dream come true!

Travel is probably far from anyone’s mind right now as we’re still in the middle of this pandemic. But we all need some way to “get away”, even if it is just in our imaginations. Today is all about top places to travel!

It’s probably really obvious from my blog that I’m thoroughly a homebody. Crowds, getting lost, and time constraints – which is basically most of travel – give me HUGE anxiety. So I’m not very far-travelled, and would much prefer a staycation in my own comfy place.

Doesn’t mean I don’t dream about a whirlwind adventure! And I sure do ~ I love taking a trip through Google Maps and being transported into magical little places, with no airport stresses, no packing, and being back for lunch. Let’s get comfy in our computer chairs (infinitely more leg room than those plane seats!), grab some maps and GO!

Tokyo, Japan

My dream vacation would be to spend a few weeks travelling through Japan! I love the idea of spending days shopping and exploring Tokyo with stops at the Pokemon Center, Sailor Moon Store, and Hello Kitty Store! My eyes are exploding with colourful adorable happiness (and my wallet feels a bit lighter)!

I would love to see the inspiring fashions and art of Harajuku, enjoy the restaurants, and experience the art and architecture that have made the city one of the highlights of the world!

Sweets Go Round at Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku! It’s like the inside of my mind come to life!
Photo found here on Tripadvisor, and posted by “management”
Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant in Shinjuku!
Photo from Alice’s Restaurant’s Twitter here!

However, I would soon need to get away from the hustle and bustle and find some quieter places to unwind. Nara is a UNESCO world heritage site full of history and has beautiful deer roaming the streets!

This beautiful picture of the deer in Nara was uploaded by radowanhabib on Reddit here!

I am also fascinated by Ao Island ~ the cat island where cats outnumber people (you can even see them on the Google Maps pictures!) I can’t imagine a more perfect place for me!

Photo from Onegai-Kaeru

Gimli, Manitoba

Now lets travel a little bit closer to home! Gimli (pronounced with a hard g – like the Lord of the Rings character!) is a tiny Manitoba beach town about an hour from where in live in Winnipeg, Canada. If your view of Canada is the stereotype that we all walk through 6 feet of blowing snow, in minus 40, eating maple syrup… you’d be partially right (that’s an average winter day!) However, Gimli in the summer rivals any tropical beach spot~ okay there aren’t bright blue oceans with dolphins, but Manitoba summers are hot and beautiful and unique on their own! I spent a number of summers working near Gimli a few years ago so the town holds a special place in my heart.

These sandy beaches are packed all summer with travellers who want to escape big city stresses and enter a magical peaceful place. There are numerous lake side restaurants and unique shops, and a friendly small town vibe! The town is also host to a fun festival called Islendingadagurinn (Icelandic Fest ~ because the town has the highest Icelandic population outside of Iceland itself!) in August with a parade, sandcastle contests, runs, and viking village roleplays! If you’re ever near Winnipeg, Gimli is close by and it will be in your mind forever!

Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

Parrsboro Harbour which overlooks like lighthouse. There is a restaurant here which is incredible.

I definitely have a theme ~ little peaceful beachside towns! Parrsboro, Nova Scotia is the town where my Dad’s family comes from and holds some of the best childhood memories for me!

Little downtown Parrsboro! Yes, there are dinosaurs!! The town has a Geological Museum and a big emphasis on dinosaurs and minerals.

Parrsboro is a tiny town (only about 1200 people) on the Bay of Fundy, but it can brag about having the highest/lowest tides in the world and they really are something to see and hear. There are tons of unique shops and places like the Amethyst Boutique, Ship’s Theatre Company, and lots of museums for a tiny little town. There are also thick forests dotted with waterfalls, blueberry fields, massive limestone cliffs, and seemingly infinite amounts of untouched peaceful nature. It’s an introverts dream come true!

The Canadian maritimes are relatively small, so if you are ever near Halifax, Parrsboro and the Bay of Fundy should be a definite day trip for you!

Other places that I would LOVE to see one day are Newfoundland Canada (the only province I haven’t been to and it’s home to those stunning rainbow buildings ~ which are called the Jellybean Row Houses of all things!), Stuttgart Germany (where my family is from and has one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the world), and New Zealand!

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