Day 24 of the 30 day blog challenge!

Day 24 – What Attracts You (In Love)

I’ve been very happily living the silly single lady life for a very loooong while. It’s just me and my cat and WHATEVER we want, WHENEVER we want. Which I actually really like for the most part!! But sometimes I wish that a cute boy would fall from the sky who I could share some of my excitement with… that perfect boy curiously hanging in the clouds would be:

  • An animal lover! What boy doesn’t like their feet warmed by fluffy cat and chicken pate kisses?!
  • Unabashedly silly and loooves my sense of silliness (it’s quite silly)!
  • Intelligent, and likes staying up to date with the news of the day!
  • Full of funny jokes and silly puns!
  • Doesn’t smoke or party (not my thing!)
  • UnIqUe and CREATIVE!!! Someone who is up for spontaneous rainbow painting sessions!
  • Likes video games and collecting things!
  • Adventurous and would be up for going on a long walk or bike ride through a forest somewhere. I have no sense of direction so it WOULD be an adventure!
  • Hopeless romantic! *_*
  • Kind and polite to ALL people
  • And…. adorable and tall with good teeth and thick curly perfect hair and a colourful snappy sense of style! Hey, I can dream!

Someone who would make my life MORE fun, but not change any of the happiness I currently have going on. 🙂

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