Welcome to my latest adventure…. BLOGGING!

Oh hi there and welcome to my brand sparkling new empty internet space! This past year was my busiest EVER!! I now live in the pink sugar coma-inducing home of my daydreams, adopted an extremely cuddly kitty cat, ran a half marathon, finally learned to knit AND feel darn amazing (PHEW!!)

My whimsical pink living room!
This was back in March and some how, my house is WAY more pink now than it was here!
You can see me from a mile away!
Sugar Sweet
I adopted this pretty girl (her name is SUGAR!) in April!
Knitted donut!
When I can’t eat sugar, I create sugary things! Yes, I clearly have a MASSIVE sweet tooth 😉

The only “problem” is the year is almost over and I didn’t have the time to squeeze in everything that I wanted to and all of the crafty fun creativeness kept getting pushed off (figuratively, and in a very literal way by the cat!) So right now my brain is stuffed to the brim with all sorts of creative ideas and craziness!!

Chair stealer!
But she’s the reason I can’t get anything done! (Okay, I’ve been using that as a bit of an excuse but no more!)

I guess the only thing a girl can do is step it up next year and BLOG about it! My plan is to create a little bit everyday – whether it’s a yummy thing, a crafty, a knitted thing, and any other thing I can think of. Then share it with the whole world here!

Sewing and Sugar the Cat!
My new sewing machine! My 2019 goal is to learn how to use it and start sewing my own clothes!

Technically I was going to make this my 2019 resolution, but I’m INPATIENT and can’t wait to go, and I have some fun little ideas up my ruffly pink sleeves and want to share them NOW! So see you soon! xoxo

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A Mew Beginning!

Hello friends!~

If you’ve managed to stumble upon this colourful little corner of the
internet, I’d like to give you a big warm welcome! My name is Erika
and I’ve been daydreaming about having a blog of my very own for
absolutely ages to talk about the endless silly ideas hanging around
in my head – but I never quite took the leap down the rabbit hole.
Until NOW!

It’s a little bit empty in here at the moment, but I promise to stuff
this place full of all sorts of sparkles, goodies, and probably a
smattering of fur balls. 😉 Please come and say hi! xx

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