Finding Sweet Dreams in Yarn Form!

I taught myself how to knit at the end of 2017 which has been one of the most fun and relaxing experiences of my life. I’m not really a hat or scarf kind of person ~ I’d rather have fun – if impracticable – things. I’ve decided my goal (aside from learning new skills) is to take the colourful daydream world in my head and recreate it in yarn form!

I especially like whipping up delicious looking wooly goodies… much better for your teeth (a tiny bit less tasty though)! I’m hoping to eventually open up a shop and sell my creations so everyone else can live a happy whimsy-filled life as well. Here are some of the fun things I’ve made over the past year!

Candy colours!
Knitted donut!
Tea and a donut!
Pizza party!
Breakfast of champions!
So life is berry sweet!!
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