Things I’m Loving Thursday!… I HEART IT!

What better thing than to remember and share what makes you the HAPPIEST! Then you can look back on it on the days that feel the gloomiest and look back at what makes life truly great. 😀 So each and every Thursday I’m going to share a few of my LOVES!

So the first instance of things I love should probably be something I really love…. HEARTS!!! <3

I was talking with people at work who were complaining a bit about how there is Valentines stuff out in stores already (I saw stuff on Boxing Day already haha)! But I LOVE IT! Even though I’m perpetually happily single, hearts fill me with warmth and happiness. Second to my Hello Kitty collection is my collection of HEART things so I look forward to Valentines season to increase my love of love!

Measure my love…
Sprinkle some love…
Wear your love!
And of course my great LOVE also loves the heart garland!

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Day 24 of the 30 day blog challenge!

Day 24 – What Attracts You (In Love)

I’ve been very happily living the silly single lady life for a very loooong while. It’s just me and my cat and WHATEVER we want, WHENEVER we want. Which I actually really like for the most part!! But sometimes I wish that a cute boy would fall from the sky who I could share some of my excitement with… that perfect boy curiously hanging in the clouds would be:

  • An animal lover! What boy doesn’t like their feet warmed by fluffy cat and chicken pate kisses?!
  • Unabashedly silly and loooves my sense of silliness (it’s quite silly)!
  • Intelligent, and likes staying up to date with the news of the day!
  • Full of funny jokes and silly puns!
  • Doesn’t smoke or party (not my thing!)
  • UnIqUe and CREATIVE!!! Someone who is up for spontaneous rainbow painting sessions!
  • Likes video games and collecting things!
  • Adventurous and would be up for going on a long walk or bike ride through a forest somewhere. I have no sense of direction so it WOULD be an adventure!
  • Hopeless romantic! *_*
  • Kind and polite to ALL people
  • And…. adorable and tall with good teeth and thick curly perfect hair and a colourful snappy sense of style! Hey, I can dream!

Someone who would make my life MORE fun, but not change any of the happiness I currently have going on. 🙂

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