October Blogging Challenge! Day 5: Favourite Movies

Day 5 of the October Blogging Challenge is all about favourite movies!! I’ll admit that I tend to not be overly adventurous with movie watching, and I would prefer to watch my favourites which I have seen hundreds of times rather than trying to find something new. Favourite movies fill you with great memories and take you back to a good place even when current times aren’t that way.

I tend to lean towards whimsical, fantastical, fun movies with light plots and a splash of humour. Hopefully some of my favourites bring you a bit of nostalgia and happiness like they bring me!

My Neighbor Totoro


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Alice in Wonderland

The Goonies

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Day 19 of the 30 day blog challenge!

Day 19 – Your Favourite Movie

The Goonies is my absolute all-time favourite movie! It’s the only actual movie that my Oma (grandma in German :)) has on tape at her house so us kids watched it over and over and over again growing up – really such a wonder that that tape still works! Then became a bit of a joke and a favourite all in one!

It’s a straight-forward magical fun movie about a group of kids going on an adventure to track down an ancient pirate treasure – just like we all dreamed about! I’ve probably watched it well over a hundred times and it never gets old, and the Fratelli’s NEVER get less scary!

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