October Blogging Challenge! Day 24: Favourite Workout Songs!

My typical music for workouts is super energetic Japanese Pop! Jpop typically works well for a good hard workout as they usually have a good beat, high BPM, and a feeling of endless energy.

My go-to artists when I’m in that high energy of kind of mood are usually Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Perfume, BABYMETAL, and e-girls. They have very catchy tunes that make me WANT to get out there and workout.

Here is my super energetic Jpop workout playlist on Spotify:

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October Blogging Challenge! Day 14: What’s On My Playlist (Autumn Edition!)

Today’s October blogging challenge topic is all about what I listen to!! I love this prompt, as it’s one of my favourite thing to know about people.

My own musical taste tends to be a bit all over the place! I usually like listening to extremely upbeat pop that makes you want to get up and spin around the room. But as soon as the leaves change and the days are short and chilly, I like throwing on a big fuzzy (but still super colourful!) sweater and listening to some soothing indie tones. Autumn reminds me of walking through a forest on a dark morning, watching movies with hot cocoa, sketching down stories by moonlight, and just peaceful calm nostalgia! I love these short couple of months so much.

Here are some of the airy, spooky and magical tunes that are keeping me toasty warm lately!

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Day 7 of the 30 day blog challenge!

Day 7 – Your 5 Favourite Songs

I was really excited for this day! I’m almost always singing along to some songs, or even better dancing along around my house (mostly to incredibly cheesy pop!) hahaha. Music energizes me and makes me incredibly happy and I have just SO MANY FEELINGS behind SO MANY SONGS.

But I spent ALL DAY pondering on *only* 5 favourites. Like if I HAD TO chose only 5 songs to listen to for the rest of my life and not get bored… So here they are:

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