Pompoms and plans plans plans!

What a first week of 2019!

I’ve been using a LOT of pompoms for my first week of craft a day 2019. They just seemed appropriate and fun to start out with because they remind me of PARTY TIME and HAPPINESS and that’s just how I want this year to go!

Pompom tights!

I simply hot-glued the colourful little guys (obviously not when I was wearing them!) to a thick pair of once unexciting tights and suddenly they became ready to join the circus!

And a garland! Sugar is also pompom fan!

Pompom garland is a super easy craft. All you need is a needle and thread. Just push the threaded needle through as many pompoms as you need for your garland, tie up the ends, and hang up!

Also a big fan!! 😉

I also added some pompoms to barrettes, headbands, bows, and really every other surface…!

Pompoms aside, I’ve been busy seeking out loads of craft ideas (hello Pinterest!) and making lists of things to create. Right now, plushie making is really calling me and I’m stitching up a new friend as I type!

But also as it turns out, a craft a day is a bit of an undertaking… especially because I’m working full time! So I do feel like I could really benefit from some sort of proper crafting challenge! But I can’t seem to find any such thing. Perhaps sometime this year I’ll write out some prompts because surely I’m not the only one doing something so silly and fun!

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