Day 25 of the 30 day blog challenge!

Day 25 – Your Biggest Regret

I have finally recovered from yesterdays fun festivities!! I’m going to be eating leftover cake and ice cream (and I even have waffles left!) for WEEKS! I enjoyed myself immensely and have NO regrets!! Which is a nice way of moving on to today’s topic!!

I used to regret EVERYTHING. I’d live in the past constantly replay every single little thing I did, or didn’t do, or said and it would take up ALL OF MY TIME. But then I finally realized (though it was a LONG journey to get to this point)… you can’t go back and change days that have already happened!!

So I really try not to hold on to the past because it stops me from enjoying NOW! Though there are moments I wish I could change, I don’t dwell too long and use those as ways of learning to be a better person and to get on the right path! If I have a bad day, I just remember each day is BRAND NEW. 🙂

Quote stating: Never regret! If it's good, it's wonderful... If it's bad, it's experience.
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