And we’re back!!!

My blog is BACK! And so I am! I’m so happy I could cry right now!

This summer was a bit rough, the mix of work and school and mid-life career crisis was A LOT and there were a lot of tears of not-so-happiness… I got frustrated and actually deleted my blog completely (I’ll talk more on this later!) The blog-break made me realize what I really love doing, and that is THIS!

Fortunately I kept the site backup and spent today importing the content and images.

Think everything is good to go – but please let me know if there are any issues that you come across! Now lets go again and fill the world with rainbows and kitties and cuteness!

xoxo Erika

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Back to School!

Perhaps working from home has given me far too much time to think, but I’ve decided to use some of my free evening time to go back to university (again)! I graduated with my BA in History way back in 2012, and have taken some odd classes just for funsies over the years. This time around, I’m taking a course in Cross Cultural Awareness, Working with Challenging Behaviours, and GASP MATH!

I think this COVID time is one of those times where you have to reevaluate what makes you the most happy in life. While I like my job a lot, 10-12 hour days sitting at a desk is far from what I thought I’d be doing. Depending on how things go, I might go back for more classes in the fall and see where it takes me!

Either way, it was fun buying cute notebooks and pens, and less so for the piles of homework, but what can you do! Learning anything just because is a blast.

I’ve been stuck inside the house and have no plans on leaving, but I’ve enjoyed packing myself a cute school bag for moving my stuff all the way across the room to study!

The Pink Heart Ita bag itself is from Amazon
The 2020-2021 Crazy Pink Cat Lady Academic Planner is also from Amazon 🙂

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Day 16 of the 30 day blog challenge!

Day 16 – Thoughts on Education

What I really wanted to do for the longest time was be a kindergarten teacher. As a young kid I LOVED drawing, art classes, and imaginative play because there was so much FREEDOM to let YOU shine through. It was the perfect path for me (“but you’ll never have MONEY!!”, people said). Then middle school came around and my creativity was just totally stifled (for a bunch of reasons, but school and stress played a huge role). I also completely lost sense of direction and withdrew even further and had NO IDEA what I wanted to do with my life. Cue another round of panic!!

I did manage to get my Bachelor’s Degree in History and Anthropology, because I ADORE learning about other cultures and how people lived. I find peoples’ creations and customs so inspiring! At least university had a bit of freedom to do what you wanted, but by that point all my creativity was sucked out and I had nothing left. 🙁 But it’s never too late and I’m teaching myself all sorts of things! Perhaps one day I’ll go back to realize my dreams of teaching!

I do think that school should focus on helping kids find out who THEY really are and learning common sense skills, and not JUST to complete a curriculum word for word.

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