October Blogging Challenge! Day 6: Pet Peeves

Day 6 of the October Blogging Challenge is to discuss Pet Peeves ~ those little life annoyances that grind your gears possibly for no reason in particular!

I’ve been kind of (okay, a lot) dreading this day in the challenge because I really try to do my best and keep my blog as upbeat as possible. So talking about things that “annoy” me is really something I wanted to avoid and I’ve procrastinated writing this for a few days. Silly challenge!

1) People who talk over you or ignore you all together in a conversation

Shy girl problems! I’m pretty quiet, especially around people that I don’t know well, so I often get stepped over in conversations and it turns into a vicious circle of speaking even less. 🙁

When I’m in a group, I always seek out my fellow shy folks and make sure I know they are heard (yay shy side convos!) Make sure you pay attention to your less loud friends!!

2) Ordering a meal at a restaurant and getting a salad covered in bacon bits!

Especially when the menu doesn’t note that the salad has bacon bits on it. If I’m ordering a veggie burger I think at least it would beg the question whether or not I want a salad with little meat bits in it!!

3) Shaming people for enjoying or doing things they love

Of course this only applies with things that don’t hurt other people or things! The internet is terrible for “shaming” people for just being themselves! If an interest or fashion style isn’t your preference please just move on and don’t burst someone’s bubble with nasty comments! But maybe just spend a moment being happy that somebody else is finding joy from something and wants to share that. 🙂

4) Slow internet

Noting like watching the wifi symbol bounce up and down! Let me on!!

5) Follow/unfollow culture

I don’t put much stock at all in follower counts (I actually don’t look at all!) But it’s aggravating when you follow someone back who looks interesting (yay a new mutual!), and they unfollow you shortly after. This is of course different than unfollowing for a valid reason (you disagree on something or they cause you unneeded stress, etc)

The idea of likes and follower counts is one of the worst creations of the internet and I am grateful that some platforms are going out of their way to make these less prevalent.

Phew! I’m glad that’s done! Now off to more happiness and rainbows. xoxo

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