Life is wild!

I spent a couple of hours outside every day this summer to get away from the craziness of inside life. I loved running or walking to nowhere in particular and watching the sunrises, animals, or just finding places I never knew existed and just really learning to appreciate every single second of it!

Winter here in Winnipeg, Canada is LONG. Like 6-7 months long (and it’s not uncommon to get snow in early MAY!) Most of which is below -20 celsius with many days where you can tolerate spending the time to run to the car COLD.

So as soon as you can get, out you do! I remember this day (May 16th) was one of the first days when Spring was really starting to come out and I actually bawled my eyes out as I went down this path! It was amazing.

I love heading down by the river to watch the sunrise and the occasional duck!

Sometimes I’d just sit on a bench or in the grass and watch the little birds and bugs go by. I felt my body being charged up once again.

Or stare at the sky and realize how small we really are!

I loved hearing the tweety birds in the early morning, or the grasshoppers in the evening. There is SO much more out there than our silly human made stresses!

Nature is incredible. I’m going to appreciate every second. Let’s get out there!!

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And we’re back!!!

My blog is BACK! And so I am! I’m so happy I could cry right now!

This summer was a bit rough, the mix of work and school and mid-life career crisis was A LOT and there were a lot of tears of not-so-happiness… I got frustrated and actually deleted my blog completely (I’ll talk more on this later!) The blog-break made me realize what I really love doing, and that is THIS!

Fortunately I kept the site backup and spent today importing the content and images.

Think everything is good to go – but please let me know if there are any issues that you come across! Now lets go again and fill the world with rainbows and kitties and cuteness!

xoxo Erika

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