Step Right into a World of Pure Sugar~Coated Imagination! An Updated Tour of My Animal Crossing Island!

It’s been a while since I showed off Cupcake, my Animal Crossing New Horizons island. But I’ve been hard at work earning Bells and filling it to the brim with all sorts of sweet goodies!

So get your golden ticket out and lets get ready to enter the sugary candylicious world of Cupcake Island!!

The current map! I’m still working on populating the island with the dessert-y villagers so this crew doesn’t really match at the moment, but they’re a kind bunch.

I didn’t have any big plans or expectations of what my island would be other than sugary, fun, and happy! The island took on a life of it’s own and kind of turned into a scene out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! There’s so much candy, colour, and well chaotic fun that I hope it makes Mr. Wonka proud! 😀

Let’s jump in! In the middle of the island is the big cupcake with all the shops and my house as the cherry on top!

Cupcake… where the streets are lined with sprinkles and gumballs!
Ran out of Bunny Day fencing 🙁 So I improvised using CAKES instead!

Outside of the cupcake is all the fun islands (hard candy, ice cream, donuts, a creamsicle, lollipop, cookie and a sundae!) surrounded by colourful paths, chocolate mazes, fudge filled rivers including the “chocolate tube” (made of cliffs and waterfalls) from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Augustus Gloop lived my dream of being sucked up a tube of flowing chocolate!

My cake bakery area!
Some of the tasty islands!
The chocolate maze leading to a hidden lagoon! Might hide some prizes in here when guests come over!
This is my Chocolate Room inspired area with the chocolate tube waterfall! I’m hoping to collect more of the bears to act as gummy bears and Mushroom Day mushrooms to line the path with Wonka’s kitschtastic decor!
The entrance to the Bubblegum Woods filled with fruit trees!

My house is still pretty small right now, because I’ve spent most of my money on ramps and sweets! XD But here’s what it’s like right now.

I’ve even packed up a couple of treats to send you off on your way!

This was based off of the delicious rainbow cheesecake I made a few weeks ago!

Thanks for coming by! If you’d like a personal tour, comment below and I’d be thrilled to have you over!

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Day 26 of the 30 day blog challenge!

Day 26 – Your Hidden Talent

I never lose my childlike sense of wonder! I constantly have a MILLION ideas stuck in my brain just bursting to get out and it keeps me happy and motivated! I like to create my own worlds and scenarios in my head. I used to get in trouble all the time for looking daydreamy and completely out of it- but hey look at how good this is for my life now! I’m like to see myself as a girly Willy Wonka and am just waiting for someone to finance my very own chocolate factory!

Inside Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!
An actual picture of the inside of my brain!!

I am also super duper flexible and can fit into small boxes, never forget birthdays, and can eat sushi NON-STOP (and I’m more than happy to prove it :D)!

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